The electronic version of manual: Biostatistics: Methods and Applications of UD Biostatistics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaga, also includes videos, test questions and is now accessible from the
From August 25 to 27,were held in Mexico the First Regional Public Health Competency. For more information about the event you can visit the following link: First Regional Workshop on Public Health Competency
No, it’s not physical books like Nicholas Negroponte - instead, Gates thinks the idea of young adults having to go to universities in order to get an education is going to go away relatively soon.
From August 7 is being developed in the classroom of Virtual Campus of Public Health (CVSP) the Seminar Update Vitual Health Human Resources.
The course Pharmacovigilance of medicines, vaccines and biological: a pro-active. PAHO / WHO 2010 "began on August 6, this is a course with a virtual component, which will develop individual work, group sessions, real-time and working with tutors.
The virtual course: "Designing educational programs and materials for Learning Network" began on 5 August, in its 3rd version, with an enrollment of 59 participants, many of those enrolled are students of the course graduates virtual " Tutors for Learning Network "also developed in the classroom of the VCPH
To start the Specialization in Primary Health Care for the Family in the distance mode, was held last Thursday, August 5, in Mato Grosso do Sul, the inaugural lecture of the course.
On 5 August, started the virtual course of Essential Public Health Functions (EPHF). This is the second version of the course and aims to develop leadership and management skills of the "Essential Public Health Functions" to contribute to public health practice, strengthening national health systems and improving the health of the population.
Is it necessary to attend a classroom to listen to a teacher to have a quality education? E-learning, which disregards both wins converts every day.
In San Jose, Costa Rica will celebrete  on 3 to 5 November, the XV International Congress on Technology and Distance Education. The conference invites reflection on the challenges and innovations in higher education compared to twenty-first century student. The themes are: