From 24 to October 28 were held in Chile last several meetings designed to share with organizations and health institutions in Chile on the prospects of bringing the Node VCPHChile and to specify an action plan in the short term Node Virtual Campus Public Health  in Chile under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, PWR-Chile and the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Chile ASOFAMECH.

Dr. Jose B. Jardines, Coordinator of the VCPH gave a presentation on the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) and development of the national node VCPH-Chile, as part of the meeting of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Chile (ASOFAMECH) in that there was a very positive exchange with over 15 deans present, who expressed interest in participating in the initiative.

In a visit to the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, University of Chile (INTA), chaired by Dr. Ruben Torres Representative of PAHO / WHO in Chile, Dr. Magdalena Araya Director of the Institute together with her team, reaffirmed its strong interest in participating in the Campus Project, as part of the node soliciting CVSP-Chile, leading regional decentralization Course tutor training nationwide.

Another of the activities was the Exploratory Meeting (advisory) with services and Chilean research institutions interested in joining the Node VCPH-Chile with the participation of about 20 institutions and agreements which were taken to carry out the VCPH as a national network to respond to the strategy adopted in Resolution 50/11 of PAHO / WHO in September-October. 2010.

Como uno de los acuerdos tomados durante esta reunión, el Ministerio de Salud y las instituciones participantes en la reunión identificarán entre los cursos regionales del CVSP, aquellos que puedan ser de interés nacional, para ser descentralizados a corto plazo. Se propuso por el INTA realizar en 2011 el curso de tutores online, como una de las primeras acciones de carácter nacional por parte del Nodo CVSP-Chile y se convocará otra reunión similar a nivel técnico, en que participen los equipos que trabajan en el campo de e-learning en las instituciones asistentes.

As of November will be counted in the PAHO / WHO-Chile, with a technical team that will coordinate national, the future development of the campus network in Chile, with direct advice and trained technicians at  VCPH Node of School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile and the regional team of VCPH.