The VCPH is a strategic tool for PAHO technical cooperation.

As such, it is a space for distributing, managing, and updating knowledge in public health and for strengthening the capacities and competencies of the Region’s health teams. The guiding principles of its activities are consistent with PAHO’s values.

Values of the Pan American Health Organization


Striving for fairness and justice by eliminating differences that are unnecessary and avoidable.


Achieving the highest quality in what we do.


Promoting shared interests and responsibilities and enabling collective efforts to achieve common goals.


Embracing the dignity and diversity of individuals, groups, and countries.


Assuring transparent, ethical, and accountable performance.

With these values as its cornerstone, the VCPH defines its vision, mission, and the guiding principles of its activities in education and technology.


To serve as the virtual platform of reference for human resources training in public health in the Americas.


To lead strategic collaborative efforts among Member States and other partners, to promote human resources for health training, for all people in all places.


Public good

Open, quality training for health personnel, which is an inexhaustible good that benefits the entire population.

Permanent education in health

A model in which the right to lifelong education in the fullest sense converges with the transformation of health organizations.

Open and interoperable resource

Cooperative sharing of developments, data, and applications with other computer systems that multiplies opportunities for access.

Collaborative work

Promotion of work between education and health organizations through learning networks, together with the coordination of their interactions for local capacity building and better results.


The search for alternatives to generate resources for maintaining or increasing the availability of education at no direct cost to health workers.