This May 16 to strengthen the link between health and development, the OPS provides the third version of the Diploma in Health and Local Development.
The Leaders in International Health Program “Edmundo Granda Ugalde” (LIHP) 2011 held a week-long onsite meeting from 2-6 May, 2011 at the Centro Interamericano de Estudios de Seguridad Social (CIESS) in Mexico City, Mexico.
On Tuesday May 3, was made official launch ceremony of the VCPH Paraguay Node, with the presence of officials of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare (MPSyBS), SE the Minister, Dr. Esperanza Martinez, Prof. Jose Maria Massolo, National Director and Dr.
From May 19 to September 2, 2011 This virtual course aims to contribute to the continuing education of teachers of Public Health in the approach to social determinants and health equity it possible to redirect their teaching. So also has the following objectives:
Start the Virtual Course on Gender and Health, which teaches the differences and disparities in the health of women and men, seen from multiple identities are determined by biological and social factors interact with each other, according to the characteristics of the historical, social and political.
In March 28 began the course Virtual Leadership Program in International Health "Edmundo Granda Ugalde (PLSI) for the year 2011, which allows participants to identify and analyze a specific public health problem or situation in his country, subregion or region, based on the focus of international health; delve more deeply into their commitments and international determinants, and propose solutions or actions to help solve or improve t
Between 14 and 18 March of this year has celebrate in Panama a tutor training course for Project Integration of HIV and other infectious diseases prevalent in the 1st. level of care. This course has two main purposes, the first immediate and the second with a strategic vision:
On 24 February in the city of Quito, Ecuador, was the official ceremony to launch the Node VCPH-Ecuador with the presence of officials of the Ministry of Health chaired by Dr. Carmen Laspina Deputy Minister, Dr.