Proyecto Gorgas

On March 2011 will start the course "Integrating HIV and infectious diseases prevalent in the primary care level", through which it intends to train about 200 people from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua.

This course is a collaborative effort between the Pan American Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University and the Gorgas Memorial Institute for the Study of Health of Panama.

Will be held from the Virtual Classroom to countries in the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) and has funding from the Department of Health and Human Services United States of America. The main objective of this project is to develop organizational skills and attention to the first level to improve the performance of integrated services for HIV and other infectious diseases prevalent.

The load time is 150 hours, will be conducted in semi-distance mentoring (virtual classroom stay in the Gorgas Institute) and will culminate with the presentation of projects for intervention and action to the health authorities of the countries concerned.

This course, in virtual form, will be made available to the region and educational institutions that wish as a public and contains 40 video of experts from PAHO and the Johns Hopkins University, as well as learning activities that will enable in students to acquire the skills covered.