Noticia UruguayyIn order to analyze the prospects of creating a node of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) in Uruguay was held in Montevideo from 17 October 21 different meetings with representatives of PAHO and leaders of institutions Uruguay developments in the field of e-learning in health.

These exchanges also aimed to assess the current development of the National Observatory of Human Resources in Uruguay and the possibilities of creating the Subregional Centre for the Southern Cone.

Meetings were held at the PAHO place in the presence of Dr. Fernando Tomasina, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of the Republic and Eq Gabriela Pradere, RHS Director of the Division of the Ministry of Health, both with their respective teams, and Dr. Jose B. Jardines, General Coordinator of the VCPH and Dr. Judith Sullivan, Human Resources Adviser subregional Health for the southern cone, in order to analyze the current situation of the National Observatory of Human Resources (HR)

Among the agreements with the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) as the coordinating institution of the National Observatory, will be an interagency process to update and relaunch the Centre RHS Uruguay started in 2007.

Another of the meetings held was a visit to the headquarters of the Social Protection Bank (BPS) in which were present representatives of the Ministry of Health, BPS, ASSE, Faculty of Medicine and Nursing UdelaR and PAHO, with the aim of evaluating the possible formation of "Node Uruguay" Virtual Campus of Public Health aimed at promoting e-learning tools for national development of training in Human Resources.

Uruguayan institutions convened, were willing to deal with the endorsement of their institutions to the creation of Node VCPH in Uruguay. For its part, the Ministry of Health, evaluated as part of its training plan, the priority activities to be included in the VCPH 2011.

During the visit is proposed between the first node of the future activities of Uruguay, the development of training processes as part of National Rural Health and the National Zoonosis and which on the advice of the regional team of VCPH. Training will be scheduled on the use of tools VCPH supported VCPH regional team, as you progress the establishment of the national node.

Future node  VCPH-URG should work with management structure established in the VCPH Governance Model and until formally constituting the Group Director, Social Protection Bank (BPS) will take the initial call, with input from other shared partner institutions.