Virtual Self-Learning Course on human resources Planning for Universal Access and Coverage

Planning is a relevant tool for political and technical action to guide the development of human resources. Evidence to this has been provided in PAHO documents and through consultations carried out in the countries, which are not an exact science. The models that have been built require assumptions to be made about how supply and demand of health workers will evolve in the future. Thus, constant updates are needed that also consider the context (demographic, epidemiological, and delivery of health services) for decision-making, evaluating the impact of the different options available.

To generate a critical mass of health workers and strengthen the policies and management of human resources, and ensure they are positioned within the regional and national health agenda for universal health.

Competencies developed in the course
This course offers participants the opportunity to develop competencies to enable a more flexible, collaborative, and rigorous approach to decision making, problem solving and adapting to unexpected and changing situations in health workforce planning.

Technical teams and those responsible for human resource planning and/or management of national or subnational Health Ministries, Social Security Institutions, and Public Health Institutions; those who participate in the planning process for health teams. Management of Integrated Health Services Networks or related programs. Those responsible for planning at the level of higher educational at the Ministries of Education. Those responsible in Universities and Schools dedicated to training technical and professional health workers, and those who design educational offerings.


  • To understand health workforce planning in health systems oriented towards Universal Health as a complex process and to become aware of the conditions for implementation.
  • To strengthen the capacities of management teams for planning in human resources for health in the framework of the Strategy on Human Resources for Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage and technical cooperation.

Course Structure

  • Introductory Module: New scenarios for planning.
  • Module 1: Evaluating the Field for Planning: Scenarios and assessment of feasibility.
  • Module 2: Information Systems as A Political-Technical Resource: Identifying sources, data structure, and integration.
  • Module 3: Health Workforce Planning: Different methodologies for different countries and their respective needs.
Last update: 01/Apr/2024