Between 2 and 6 February an Workshop in the regional office of VCPH of different professionals related to area of information, and who are working at the nodes of Central America and the Caribbean.

The workshop is proposed to meet the following objectives:

  • Meet the challenges of managing VCPH regional and country.
  • Recognize similarities, differences and points of convergence in working in Network Nodes country and the Regional Node.
  • Knowing the different work areas of campus that require computer support.
  • Exercised in handling the various tools necessary for the proper administration of nodes country in different areas.
  • Develop and add materials in different virtual campus systems (Drupal, Moodle, CWIS, etc).

Participants experience the following countries and professionals:

Costa Rica: Johnny Berrios
Dominican Republic: Pablo Brito
El Salvador: Mauricio Duran
Nicaragua: Wilber Delgado and Denis Rodriguez
Panama: Ivan Chavez