Workshop for the evaluation of the Virtual Course Design Educational Programs(Enlarge image) On June 1, 2009, the group of tutors, together with the coordination of the course and the campus, met in the city of Buenos Aires to assess the course offered late last year and consider the necessary changes according to the needs, experience and results. The experience was rated positively, both in the number of participants enrolled and completed the course, for the results of design proposals submitted by participants.

The team of tutors, together with the coordination work on the suggested changes to offer a new proposal to be developed from the month of August this year.

The course aims to provide opportunities for participants to experience the process of designing educational programs and materials in virtual collaborative environments, utilizing the existing communication tools and production of digital interactive environment

This course will aim to prepare participants to recognize and appropriate educational approaches for active learning, reflective and participatory, aimed at improving and solving problems in public health practice in different contexts of action.