Node Colombia

Between 17 and 20 May, took place in Medellin, Colombia, an exchange with various universities in Colombia, with interests and developments in the field of e-learning in health and in the future can be integrated into the  Colombia VCPH Node.

The visit, conducted by Dr. Jose Baudilio Jardines, General Coordinator of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), Dr. Eduardo Guerrero, Regional Adviser, Human Resources and Dr. Gerardo Alfaro, Consultant HSS in the PAHO in Colombia, the main objective was to analyze the current situation and short-term prospects of the  Colombia VCPH Node.

In a meeting held at the National School of Public Health at the University of Antioquia, chaired by Dr. Alvaro Cardona and Dr. Eliseo Velazquez, Dean and Vice-Dean, respectively, became an analysis of the current situation in Colombia Campus.

Another meeting was held with the faculty team headed this time by Dr. Cardona,  Dr. Luis Carlos Ortiz, Director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Social Protection and Dr. Gerardo Alfaro, this time evaluated priorities the country for the development of these resources and the role it can play the VCPH as part of the national strategy to strengthen the workforce in Primary Care and Public Health, for what was seen as possible areas of training: Training of tutors , health technicians, leadership in public health, among others.

A meeting was held with the technical teams and faculty of the School of Public Health at the University of Antioquia and other institutions involved in e-learning projects, in addition to two sessions working with authorities in 10 Colombian Institutions belonging the academic, service and research area and were interested in online learning model of VCPH. These sessions analyzing the current situation in Colombia CVPH Node and the possible incorporation of the institutions convened.