Taller Cuba

Throughout 2010 the team of Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), both at regional and country nodes, along with tutors and coordinators of the different courses, developed a hard work to improve the services, products and different methodological and technological tools provided by the Virtual Campus.

Throughout the year we worked very closely with the nodes within the network of the VCPH in different countries, performing virtual meetings every two months to check the experiences and innovations that can be implemented in various portals of the nodes in order to improve service users.

The countries that currently make up the network of nodes CVSP are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and CISS. Is expected to soon join this network Paraguay, Uruguay and Ecuador.

Implemented in Virtual Classroom courses a new format called "Flex Page", which was used in  Familiarization Program and the Leaders in International Health "Edmundo Granda Ugalde in its early. This format provides users a better browsing environment and facilitates the ongoing development.

We note that according to surveys conducted in each of the courses, Familiarization Program has become a valuable tool for students who first enter the classroom of the VCPH, and for those who did not know the job therein. This program provides step by step how each one of the tools that are used in courses, and steps to carry out different activities created by teachers.

Access to Familiarization Program

Also worked on updating the tool Elluminate, as used in all courses in the VCPH. This update expands the opportunities of its use, it makes work easier for tutors and teachers now have the tools and Elluminate Publish Elluminate Plan which will be used during the current 2011 and the guides will be available for use to start courses .

For the whole year over 13 courses were advised by teachers and tutors, 2 HR seminars and 5 self-study courses, two of the latter were available in both Spanish and English. All courses were attended by about 2000 users among students, teachers and tutors, with approximately 240 000 visits to the Virtual Classroom VCPH.