Face WeekConcluded with very satisfactory results in Panama City face week (12-16 October 2009) First Virtual Course Management Mental Health Services, cosponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health of Panama (INSAM), the University Leon de Nicaragua, CAMH Canada and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

The exchange of experiences between 16 mental health workers from 7 countries of Central America and the Caribbean and its interaction with professors from Panama, a country hosting the event, the Regional Advisers of Mental Health (PAHO-WHO) Dr. Jorge Rodriguez ; Dr. Jose B. Jardines Coordinator of Virtual Campus of Public Health  and Mr. Javier Vasquez ,Human Rights; Dr. Victor Aparicio Subregional Adviser for Mental Health, Regional Adviser (PAHO-WHO); Drs. Akwatu Khenti and Jaime Sapag of CAMH, coordinators and tutors, allowed to meet the objectives of the workshop: key themes of the course further prepare the final design work and improve the use of teaching tools and technology of the Virtual Campus platform.

It is an exchange between the team of the Virtual Campus with students and tutors who helped to clarify doubts regarding the use of technological tools and all cooperated with suggestions for improving the efficiency of processes within the Course.

The opportunity was ripe for the presentation of the Book "Epidemiology of Mental Disorders in Latin America and the Caribbean" by Dr. Rodriguez, who was commented on by Drs. Ricardo Goti INSAM Director and Dr. Miguel Cedeño President of the Panamanian Society of Psychiatry.

The official photo of the event, showing all the participants, the background shows the facade of the Regional Center for Health Training, old main building of Santo Tomas Hospital in Panama.