Tuesday, April 16, 2024
10:00 AM (Brasilia Time)

The Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH) is the educational platform of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and plays a fundamental role in training health technicians throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Understanding the experience of these professionals within the platform is essential to strengthen capabilities and improve health system response. The EPSJV invites to the “Webinar Series on the Virtual Campus for Public Health of PAHO/WHO and the training of health technicians”, which will have as its first event: Profile and educational trajectories of health technicians in the VCPH /PAHO

Access the link and enable notifications! The event is free, with transmission also available in Portuguese and Spanish and does not require prior registration.

Objective(s) of the meeting: 
  • Analyze the profile and training paths of technicians enrolled in VCPH courses.
  • Characterize the supply and demand of the VCPH in relation to the profile of health technicians.
  • Identify gaps and training possibilities offered by the VCPH for health technicians.
  • Adjust and/or design future proposals according to the needs of the technicians.
educational trajectories, health technicians, education and health
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