Friday, April 23, 2021
3:00 pm a 4:30 pm EDT.

In the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, real-time training has become the mainstay of the COVID19 response. On April 23, to mark the International Spanish Language Day, the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization co-hosted a webinar on how virtual training has helped defend public health and protect lives in the Americas. The webinar was in Spanish with English interpretation and focused on how PAHO's Virtual Campus and's global platforms have rapidly expanded training and made life-saving knowledge available in the languages of the Americas. Join experts and professionals from across the region and around the world to discover how they innovated to bring knowledge and skills to the frontline.

Objective(s) of the meeting: 

Celebrating UN Spanish Language Day and its importance in bringing life-saving knowledge to the frontline in the Americas and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world during health emergencies.

Brief synthesis of the topics: 

The seminar was held through an exchange of questions and an active dialogue with representatives of different countries in the Americas region.

Speakers. Brief summary of the curriculum: 

Speakers (in alphabetical order):

Dr. Ileana Brea, National Consultant on Universal Health and Development, PAHO/WHO, Panama

Dr. Gaya Gamhewage, Head of Learning & Capacity Development, Health Emergencies Programme, WHO

Dr. Erwin Hernández-Rincón, Professor - Medicine, Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia

Dr. Fernando Menezes, Unit Chief, Human Resources for Health, PAHO/WHO

Dr. Mario Cruz Peñate, Health Systems and Services Advisor, PAHO/WHO, Chile

Prof Carolina Rodríguez, Professor, Faculty of Nursing-University of the Republic, Uruguay

Dr. Ciro Ugarte, Director, Health Emergencies Department - PAHO/WHO

Dr. Perla Zeledon, VCPH-PAHO/WHO Academic Coordinator, Nicaragua


Mr. Gabriel Listovsky, VCPH Regional Coordinator, Human Resources for Health Unit, Health Systems and Services Department, PAHO/WHO

training, education, frontline health workers, COVID-19
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