Wednesday, September 1, 2021
2:00-3:30 pm, Washington, DC (EDT)

This webinar aimed to tackle the subject of ageism in the health systems, inspired by the commentary paper of Dr. Sharon Inouye “Creating an anti-ageist healthcare system to improve care for our current and future selves.” 

The Decade of Healthy Aging (2021-2030) approved in 2020 by WHO and the United Nations is a unique opportunity to strengthen work in the area of aging and highlights the efforts towards the way of thinking, feeling, and acting with regard to age and aging. 

Webinar Video 

Objective(s) of the meeting: 

-To reflect on how to promote anti-ageist health systems based on the experiences during COVID-19 and in the current scenarios of the UN “Decade of Healthy Aging” and the WHO “Global Campaign to Combat Ageism.”

Brief synthesis of the topics: 


2:00 - 2:05 pm:  Welcoming remarks

PAHO Representative

2:05 - 2:25 pm: Creating an anti-ageist system to improve care for our current and future selves

Sharon K. Inouye (Department of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, USA)

2:25 - 2:35 pm: Measuring health system responsiveness to older adults needs as a strategy to prevent ageism

Emmanuel Gonzales (The Toulouse Gérontopôle Research Center, France)

2:35 - 3:15 pm: From ageist to age-friendly systems: The opportunity of health systems to adapt the integrated health services networks to the needs of older populations

Moderator: Mario Cruz-Penate (PAHO-Chile)

Panel of country case examples:

  • Marcus Escobedo, Senior Program Officer; John A. Hartford Foundation, Age-Friendly Systems, and Hospitals, USA
  • Carlos Engel, Geriatrician/Primary Care, Argentina
  • Patrick Wachholz (Geriatrician, Universidade Estadual de São Paulo, Brazil)

3:15 - 3:25 pm: Perspective of policy creation: Chile’s presentation of their New National Program on Older Persons’ Health

Sylvia Santander / Rene Guzman

11:55 - 12:00 pm: Closing remarks

Enrique Vega (PAHO)

For more information on the Decade of Healthy Aging, please visit:

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