From 11 to February 13, held in Costa Rica, the workshop reviews the educational proposal on Primary Health Care and its development on the platform of the Virtual Campus. The main objective of this course is to foster the development of the renewal of Primary Health Care in the Americas, through strengthening the capacities of leaders and managers of health and is part of the technical strategy of strengthening the Health Systems and Services of PAHO.

The workshop tutors and students attended the course and agreed on a set of guidelines to consider and to strengthen further to propose the addition of new items as part of the educational proposal.

The course takes place over 27 weeks, over 160 hours. In the first course conducted in 2008 ended 55 students from different countries. The comments of these were directed towards the importance of the issue and its relation to the problems and challenges of the workplace, the possibility of critical reflection on the problems of national and international contexts, the opportunity to exchange with participants from different countries.

Students emphasized the novel experience of virtual learning and the opportunity to design a proposal for intervention by developing his own practice.

It is expected that the course could be open again from May to project managers of Primary Health Care in the Region.