The Virtual Campus holds a virtual seminar with the topic "Teaching competences in Public Health”

Washington, DC, September 14, 2023 (PAHO). The Virtual Campus for Public Health of the Pan American Health Organization (VCPH/PAHO) will hold the second seminar of the series "Training and exchange meetings 2023", on September 21, at 12:00 p.m. (EDT). The topic of the meeting will be “Teaching competences in Public Health”.


  1. To disseminate the work of the VCPH and its country nodes
  2. To strengthen knowledge of the VCPH Educational Approach within the framework of Permanent Education in Health
  3. To present challenges in the management of virtual training within the framework of the VCPH country nodes
  4. To promote the strategic use of the information generated in the nodes and portals of the VCPH
  5. To promote the collaborative work and the creation of communities of practice of PEH managers within the framework of the VCPH


Date: 21 September 

Topic: Teaching competences in Public Health.

  • Welcome and presentation of the guest and speakers. Presentation of the purpose of the 6th Meeting: “Teaching competencies in Public Health.  Gabriel Listovsky - Virtual Campus Regional Coordinator
  • Concept of teaching competencies. Competencies for the training of teachers responsible for the Education of Health Professionals.
    Marcelo García Diéguez. Universidad Nacional del Sur/CeEPROS
  • Communication strategies of the Virtual Campus for its course dissemination
  • Regional Framework of Teaching Competencies in Public Health: a collaborative work experience. Laura Magaña, Juana Suarez Conejero. Association of Schools and programs of Public Health (ASPPH). 
  • Exchange with participants. Escarle Pena - International PAHO Consultant
  • Closing remarks. Maria del Carmen Cadile - International PAHO Consultant