Between 27 and 29 January, a workshop for review and analysis of management processes of VCPH was held at the regional office in Panama.

The meeting had among its main objectives:

  • Analyze the development of VCPH within the processes of technical cooperation of PAHO.
  • Present and analyze new technical developments VCPH and its implications for management.
  • Analyze and define institutional criteria for regional classrooms, countries and staff.
  • Reviewing the work processes of the campus and the articulation between the regional team in Panama and the Academic and Administrative Secretariat in WDC.
  • Assess future developments of OER space (OER) and CVD (educational virtual clinic) under the VCPH.
  • Analyze and exchange perspectives on future technical requirements.
  • Set an agenda of priorities for 2015.

During the meeting several documents aimed at optimizing management processes were reviewed, advances in system design is presented and analyzed various aspects to ensure quality and relevance of educational processes and their articulation with the guidelines of the technical cooperation PAHO.

Participants of the meeting Ana Milena Paredes, responsible for the administrative secretariat, Dr. Rosa Maria Borrell, head of the human resources unit (ai) PAHO / WDC and all the regional team Ing. Edgardo De Gracia, Lic. Johel. Diaz, Lic. Carlos Leon, Lic. Gabriel Listovsky (regional coordinator).