Between 26 and 27 March Eng. Edgardo De Gracia and Lic. Gabriel Listovsky attended a workshop in Lima, Peru intended to assist the development of virtual training projects managed by the Directorate-General for Management Development HR Ministry of Health of Peru.

The Ministry of Health of Peru manage their own virtual classrooms that has initiated the development of massive self-instruction programs such as PROFAM (Diploma in comprehensive care with a focus on Family and Community Health).

During the visit they met the following objectives:

  • Identify and evaluate by the team responsible experience developed by the country PROFAM development program.
  • Analyze and propose alternatives to improve and optimize technical and didactic aspects ensuring efficient and quality processes.
  • Submit CVSP experience with various resources and tools in Moodle-Drupal environments.
  • Present Virtual Clinical Teaching and alternatives for the use in the country.