Over three weeks, the PMIS central team in collaboration with the VCPH, together with colleagues from various departments and country offices, participated in the process of "Review of Solutions". During the working sessions of the first prototype of PMIS, which has the initial configuration of modules HR Payroll evaluated.

The Review Solutions was a very interactive exercise in which Collaborative Solutions, responsible for integrating all systems PMIS, presented his interpretation of the administrative processes of the PAHO and how these fit into Workday (central system PMIS) "said Gonzalo Contreras, Manager PAHO Argentina.

Among the topics discussed was the self-service functionality for employees and supervisors; trade off; talent management; payroll; among others.

The sessions, held from 9 to 27 June, were led by Collaborative Solutions and Core Team PMIS, and with the participation of representatives of PAHO country, Director of the Regional Office, Change Agents of the regional office and colleagues from different departments.