Validation Workshop Approach to Education of the CVSPValidation Workshop Approach to Education Virtual Campus of Public Health (CVSP) was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 10 and 11 August this year in order to validate and enrich the educational approach through the comments put participants perform.

Just as the CVSP has defined a model of governance and a strategic model, was also in need of an educational approach, which works to accompany the Draft Human Resources Development of Health on the continuing education of workers health and to the orientation of educational designs in this virtual environment.

The educational approach was consolidated on a preliminary proposal in 2008, based on the accumulated experience of many years with continuing education services and designs of some virtual courses . This document also contains the evaluation approach and some useful tools in guiding the students, tutors and coordinators, and a brief orientation about the items to consider for designing virtual courses.

The objectives of this workshop were to discuss the proposal and enrich the educational approach proposed by the CVSP, propose improvements to the designs of the CVSP courses, broaden the perspective of virtual course evaluations and suggest improvements in the assessment slogans generated for tutors and coordinators.

This workshop was attended by educators experts from 6 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, and Spain.