On Wednesday 28 February the 3rd meeting in the creation of Panama Node Virtual Campus of Public Health, PAHO was held at the offices of PAHO in Panama.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Gaspar Da Costa, assigned by the Ministry of Health to coordinate the node, Dr. Federico Hernandez Pimentel - PAHO Representative in Panama and Dr. Rosa María Borrell -. Head Unit Resources human Health (ai). PAHO-WDC.

Dr. Federico Hernandez welcomed, appreciated the presence of Dr. Rosa María Borrell and acknowledged the efforts of the various institutions that are participating in the development of the node.

Dr. Rosa María Borrell meanwhile presented an overview of the challenges and achievements of the campus, with special focus on its mission to develop competencies in public health workers in the countries of the region. He invited the node can be a space for exchange and debate about the health situation of the country and the training needs of its human resources.

Dr. Da Costa realized the importance of the Health Ministry gives the node and invited all the participants of the meeting to commit to a shared space construction.

Dr. Da Costa shared the following proposals of organization:

  1. Train the National Coordinator team management, use and opportunities of the Virtual Campus of Public Health of Panama.
  2. Establish general guidelines and minimum quality standards for the use of node Panama, according to the policies of WHO / PAHO, MoH, University of Panama and Social Security.
  3. Design guidelines for the selection of subjects, courses and processes for the selection of participants.
  4. Establish a schedule of meetings, monitoring mechanisms and evaluation processes.

The Lic. Gabriel Listovsky, regional coordinator of VCPH, proposed a national training workshop aimed at presenting educational proposal campus and trained in the use of various resources.

All present were also invited to enroll in the VCPH, in order to navigate and understand the various areas of campus.

Defined perform the formal launch of Node VCPH Panama's then national workshop and once all the institutions have made in making experiences on campus.

Participants of the meeting the following institutions:

  • Ministry of Health
  • Social Security Fund (Teaching)
  • Specialized University of the Americas (UDELAS)
  • Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies (GMI)
  • School of Nursing - University of Panama
  • Faculty of Medicine - University of Panama
  • Faculty of Dentistry, University of Panama
  • Faculty of Health Sciences of the Universidad Latina de Panama