MoodleSalud 2011

Very successful can be assessed by the development of MoodleHealth 2011 held in Havana, Cuba, on days 8.9 and 10 February.

The inauguration on February 8, was delivered by Dr. Ariel Delgado Ramos, Director of computer science on Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, after which they were developed different presentations of the morning session. On the afternoon of this day was held a very successful meeting attended by representatives from each network node VCPH at the event in which they examined the work of those nodes and their institutions and the action plan to continue this year is beginning. This meeting was chaired by Dr. Charles Goude, Head of the Health Resources Unit of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. José Baudilio Jardines VCPH Regional Coordinator and Dr. Rosa María Borrell Regional Advisor PAHO.

During this event was the presentation by Dr. Charles Goude, the keynote address "The powers of the Health Human Resources" and also presented the keynote address by Dr. Joseph Baudilio Gardens "The Virtual Campus of Public Health as a strategy tool for learning and networking. "

The event was attended by a number of countries belonging to the network of nodes in the VCPH. Brazil was built by a joint delegation with representatives of the Open University of SUS (UNASUS) and FIOCRUZ, also attended by representatives of different institutions in Costa Rica, Mexico and Node CIESS well as Argentina, Colombia and of course the host country Cuba.