Leadership CourseOn June 3, started the Virtual Course IV: Leadership of Human Resources for Health.The course has an enrollment of 72 students seeking further information and the basis for reflection, generating new strategies of action for the transformation of the problems.

This course is delivered via the network learning using virtual media, through the Virtual Campus of Public Health, so that provides access to multiple "managers" in their own area of work and creates networks for exchanging experiences and debates on these important

>The importance of health human resources has become a priority place in the discussion of the political agendas of national and international organizations, the need to ensure their integration in strategic places, strengthen its capacity and new skills relevant to the globalized world ensure a more permanent incorporation into the health systems and services.

The course is aimed at:

  • Responsible for human resource management in the Ministries of Health, Social Security Institutions and Institutions of Public Health;
  • Leaders / Coordinators of Health Policies and Programs;
  • Programs and Projects Responsible for the regulation of health professions;
  • Leaders and Teachers of Colleges and Schools involved in the training of technicians and health professionals.

The 72 participants of this course were selected from 17 countries in the region: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.