The course Pharmacovigilance of medicines, vaccines and biological: a pro-active. PAHO / WHO 2010 "began on August 6, this is a course with a virtual component, which will develop individual work, group sessions, real-time and working with tutors.

Additionally there will be a face meeting in Guayaquil, Ecuador during the month of September and the curriculum of the course will include the completion of a work of intervention where participants develop their professional activities.

The purpose of this course is technical support and strengthen the activities and national pharmacovigilance programs to improve performance and result. It tries to analyze regional and national problems of the implementation of pharmacovigilance systems and their integration into public health programs and discuss conceptual aspects of drug monitoring, the main techniques used to identify and generate a proposal for intervention in your workspace to strengthen the pro-active approach to pharmacovigilance.

This semi-face course is intended for health professionals working in pharmacovigilance in health institutions or regulatory agencies of the countries of Latin America and has a faculty of experience in the field, specialists in pharmacovigilance in Latin America and the Caribbean with the support of professionals in the PAHO-WHO.

They are: Dr. José Luis Castro, coordinator of PAHO / WHO, doctors Giset Jiménez López and Julian Pérez Peña, Cuba, academic coordinators, Dr Gabriel Levy Hara, Argentina as a teaching and technical adviser, Dr Mabel Valsecia of Argentina as a main mentor and co-mentors Dr Claudia Vacca, Colombia, Dr. Ines Bignone, Argentina, and Dr Albert Figueras in Spain. The program also has a consultant (webmaster), Lic Miguel Prisoner of Argentina and invited experts like Dr Ismary Alfonso, Cuba and Dr Mariano Madurga Sanz, Spain.