SGTES, Fiocruz and PAHO Brazil agree on joint work strategy for the Brazil Node of the Virtual Campus for Public Health

Brasil, June 17-20, 2024 (PAHO) - On June 18 and 19, a workshop was facilitated by the Secretariat of Labor Management and Health Education of the Ministry of Health of Brazil (SGTES), to define the work priorities of the Brazil Node of the Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH). The workshop included participants from the regional team of the VCPH, as well as representatives from (SGTES), Fiocruz, and PAHO Brazil, who analyzed the tasks and responsibilities involved in managing the Brazil Node of the VCPH and developed a roadmap for its strategic use in 2024-2025.

“The Virtual Campus works with all technical areas of PAHO, providing an integrated service to the entire organization,” highlighted Gabriel Listovsky, Chief of the Virtual Campus Special Program, during the opening of the work sessions. “We are here to consider what kind of node Brazil envisions for the country and how it intends to use this perspective in the framework of technical cooperation within PAHO. We want our courses to be a support tool for the transformation of health services,” he added.

The meeting was attended by Julio Pedroza, the Health Systems and Services Advisor of ​​PAHO Brazil, who spoke on behalf of Dr. Socorro Gross, PAHO/WHO representative in that country. Also participating were Isabela Pinto, secretary of SGTES, Cristiani Vieira Machado, Vice President of Education, Information and Communication of Fiocruz and members of their respective work teams.

Country Nodes are a key strategy of the VCPH to enable the adaptation of the use of the Virtual Campus to the reality of technical cooperation in each country. Considering Brazil's experience in continuing education using virtual platforms, its capabilities and its diverse educational resources, it is strategic to envision the Brazil Node as a platform for the dissemination of all its training offerings and an opportunity for the international dissemination of its proposals.

As part of the visit, members of the Virtual Campus also held working meetings with various technical areas of PAHO Brazil to optimize the use of the Virtual Campus and its products in Portuguese.

Photos: Karina Zambrana

Virtual Campus-Fiocruz Note: Fiocruz and SLMH/MH participate in a workshop with the Virtual Campus for Public Health