Reunión de coordinadores de los cursos virtuales en el CVSP.With the aim of continuing the agreements of the Pro-Tempore Secretariat of the V Space Conference of the Americas, developed between 16 and 18 March the "Regional Workshop on Telemedicine / Telehealth in Puyo, Ecuador.

The meeting was chaired by the Minister Fernando Suárez Moreno, Secretary Pro-tempore of the V Conference Space and Dr. Cesar Hermida, Director of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, was attended also by the institutions participating in the National Telemedicine, as well as Dr. Jose B. Jardines, Regional Coordinator of the Virtual Campus of Public Health.

In the event analyzed the potential to strengthen the Tele-education component through the Virtual Campus of Public Health. The Minister Suarez and Dr. Hermida emphasized the need to incorporate the PAHO and the Campus project as part of the National Telemedicine Program.