Preparatory Meeting of the Virtual Course On 16 and July 17 this year in Panama was the Preparatory Meeting of the Virtual Course "Management of Mental Health Services"

The project of this course is framed in the context of the status of systems of mental health care in the region of Central America and Dominican Republic.

This course aims to provide training in management of mental health services to health professionals or mental health or lead managed public mental health services within the context of community mental health with a focus on primary health care .

he course will last for 155 hours and one week face to be developed in Panama, where he is also the administrative headquarters of the course. Its structure is based on the set of policies and guidelines on mental health services has resulted from the WHO World Report 2001.

The promoters of the course are the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Ontario, Canada, which is linked to the University of Toronto and is a collaborating center of PAHO / WHO. They are also collaborating institutions: the Autonomous University of Nicaragua in Leon and the National Institute of Mental Health of Panama.

The meeting was attended by coordinators of the course, the tutors and staff work in the VCPH.