Dr. Maria Cristina Davini has passed away in Buenos Aires.

Maria Cristina has been a great teacher of the Permanent Education in Health, an approach strongly developed in the framework of PAHO.

Cristina was active in the education and training of health personnel in the Americas, always with a focus on the ability to problematize the actual services and analyzing the challenges of health workers.

Since the late 80s she gave workshops and seminars for professional health team in most of the countries of the region, where it always opened doors for reflection, analysis of practices and strengthening the commitment to change systems health of our countries.

Always he worried that education responds to real and felt needs, seeking to fulfill a strong transformative role.

Cristina always said "The practical training is much more than the development of operational skills" doing ". It is essentially the capacity to intervene in complex real contexts; taking decisions in situations and real problems."

She actively worked in the early grades VCPH and was the coordinator of the first training of tutors and design of educational materials for virtual environments.

For all who learned with her, we recall his excellent school is next to a large number of books, texts and videos.

Here we access two materials Maria Cristina:

The classic text on Permanent Health Education written with George and Mary Alice Haddad Roschke and a video made in recent years to the course tutors residence.



We extend our condolences to his son and his entire family.