Convocatoria PLSI 2011The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) recently published on its website a call for the Leaders in International Health "Edmundo Granda Ugalde" 2011.

This program aims to help develop the Health Agenda for the Americas 2008-2017 by strengthening the capacities of countries in the region to understand, act and make a positive influence on the international determinants of health, promote their interests and conclude intersectoral health actions in the international sphere, guided by the principle of greater global equity in health.

The LIHP will last nine months, starting in March under the coordination of the Programme and PAHO / WHO country. During this initial phase, participants with different activities, discussions and visits around the main national and regional challenges in health and development and the actors involved, and begin to define a national project to be held later in coordination with PAHO / WHO, government and other officials.

For more information vistit the link Call the LIHP