March 5, 2018

The President of Chile will chair PAHO commission tasked with advancing universal health in the Americas 
President Michelle Bachelet of Chile will chair a high-level commission that was convened by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to propose solutions for expanding health coverage and access in the Americas, with the goal of leaving no one behind by 2030. Read more


More than 390,000 users enrolled in the Virtual Campus
In December 2017, the Virtual Campus reached 394,000 users to the online courses offered in its educational platform. More than 100,000 users completed self-learning courses, and 27,000 completed courses organized by the Virtual Campus nodes in the countries. During 2017, more than 500 health professionals and students finished the new courses with tutoring offered in the regional platform. Read more


New regional system to report medicines related adverse events and substandard/falsified products 
The Caribbean Public Health Agency/Caribbean Regulatory System, with the support of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, launched a program to identify dangerous substandard medicines throughout the region. Read more


PAHO launches new study on migration of health workers in the Caribbean
PAHO/WHO has launched a new study that will survey current migration trends of health care workers in the Caribbean Region. The results of the survey will be used to develop recommendations and address the challenges that migration poses for the health sector of countries involved. Read more


Management information system strengthening in six hospitals in Panama
PAHO, together with the Ministry of Health of Panama, advanced in the development of actions to strengthen health services networks in different regions of the country. Over the past year, more than 200 managers of the hospitals were trained in topics related to productive management of health services, cost management, and beds management. Read more

New guidelines on ethical treatment of humans in health-related research
Fifty years ago, a diagnosis of childhood leukemia was virtually a death sentence, and thousands of children lost their lives in the absence of a treatment or a cure for the disease. But after years of scientific research--involving many of those same patients—treatments are now available and the vast majority of children with childhood leukemia today survive. Read more

Launch of global campaign on #NursingNow
On February 27, 2018, the Pan American Health Organization will join the launching of the global campaign, Nursing Now, to raise the status and profile of nursing in the region of the Americas and worldwide. Read more