Argentina Node

On June 2 took place in ARG FLACSO a meeting of the VCPH Argentina Node, attended by representatives of major health institutions in the country.

The meeting was held in an atmosphere of warmth and enthusiasm nucleated professionals who had earlier participated in events as well as new members who perform different functions in their respective institutions. This diversity is further enriched the experience.

From PAHO Argentina were present: Judith Sullivan, Deborah Hazrum Yanco and Flavio (in afternoon), team member Knowledge Management and Communication, PAHO ARG, coordinated by Caty Iannello. From Ministry of Health of the Nation Isabel Dure  and Marita Cadila were represented on this occasion by Deborah Yanco, and also attended by Oscar Baggini from Ministry of Health of the Nation in training on issues of repository.

From FLACSO ARG were present: Raul Mercer, Silvia Finocchio, Pablo Etcheverry and Irene Melamed.

The meeting agenda was fulfilled as intended and had the presence, through the Elluminate platform, Dr Jose Baudilio Jardines, Regional Adviser, VCPH. After the welcome and presentation of the attendees, we made a brief tour through the history of Node ARG and ARG PAHO thanked by consideration of FLACSO ARG as an actor for the purpose of contributing to the reformulation and strengthening of VCPH Argentina Node

The agreements and actions to be taken of this event can be reviewed in the report of the meeting.