Leadership Argentina

The First Virtual Course "Leadership in Human Resources  for Health " developed since the space created for Argentina in the Virtual Classroom for countries of the region, began on 14 June.

This course has had three regional editions, which have participated regarding the Ministry of Health RRHH and the various provinces of Argentina.The country was represented also by tutors and experts who participated in his dictation and evaluation.

Whereas production of the Campus are a global public good of this collaborative network and depending on the maturity of this experience, the National Directorate of Human Capital and Occupational Health with the permission of the Coordinator of the Campus, has been adjusted the program to incorporate content specifically addressing human resources management in Argentina.

The course has an enrollment of 90 students and aims to provide conceptual and methodological frameworks that participants can:

  • Recognize the field of Human Resources for Health in its various dimensions, in a comprehensive and intersectoral approach.
  • Analyze and evaluate trends, problems, needs and opportunities for the development of health human resources in national or local context.
  • Identify strategic lines of action in policy, management and human resource training in health, in their own areas of operation.
  • Develop the exchange of experiences, building links and networks among human resource managers within the country.

The total course credit hours is 200 hours over six months figuring that participants will spend between 6 and 8 hours a week to study the content and course activities.