The National Coordinating Node Mexico Virtual Campus of Public Health, the Regional Node and the Office of the PAHO in Mexico convened the First National Workshop of the VCPH, 21 to 23 January 2009, and held at the premises of the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)in Mexico City.

It Was chaired by Dr. Enrique Graue, director of the Faculty of Medicine, UNAM, Dr. Melchor Sanchez Mendiola, Secretary of the Faculty of Medical Education, the representative of PAHO, Mexico, Dr. Philippe Lamy, Dr. Charles Godue, Coordinator Project Human Resource Development of PAHO, Dr. Joseph B. Gardens, Manager of Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), and Dr. Noe Alfaro, Coordinator Node Mexico. During the inauguration session revealed the need to implement initiatives for cooperation between institutions to meet the training needs of the human resources of the region through the use of virtual platforms creative and innovative.

The objectives were, among others, communicate to the participating institutions VCPH concept, progress and results, and challenges faced by the initiative and encourage the involvement and participation of institutions and health authorities in Mexico the project, from a functional approach.

Noteworthy is the presentation of Dr. Alfredo Juan Tamayo, Adviser to the Secretary of Health of Mexico for training, who on behalf of the Ministry of Health presented the master plan for training of the health sector, with the progress and training needs using virtual platforms.

On the first day of the reunion were presented by the different participants, the training needs in health, regional and national initiatives in the field of graphic communication and suggestions for new sites, as well as the proposed Mexico node organization and functionality of the steering committees, technical and quality for 2009-2010.