Se crea el Nodo del Régimen de Protección Social en Salud del Distrito FederalOn June 9, 2009 was presented Node System of Social Protection in Health in the Federal District, creating the fourth node within its structure CNPSS training. The Ministry of Health of Mexico City joined the network in an effort to develop the skills of workers. In the words of Mr. Ignacio Villaseñor Ruiz, Assistant Secretary for Emergency Medical Services and the Ministry of Health of Mexico City, one of the major challenges for the installation of this node is "that we can gain knowledge at the service of the people" .

Dr. Manuel Vazquez, Director General of Management of CNPSS stressed the importance of an inclusive work, horizontal and collaborative among the different institutions involved and the Faculty of Medicine of UNAM, the National Institute of Public Health, Faculty of higher education Zaragosa of the UNAM and CNPSS and REPSS, among others.

Importantly, the website of Node Mexico has increased the number of daily visits, which already exceeds 20,000. This is the collective work and the quality of information that are placed on the website.