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To create an educational module, able to face next year’s challenges, the “Edmundo Granda Ugarte” International Health Leader’s Program (IHLP) will gather Academy representatives, Panamerican Health Organization’s (PAHO / WHO) officials and participants of the Cohort 2009 initiative, in order to work together in a surveillance proposal for the Program, considering more complex contexts each year and PAHO Country Offices’ involvement as learning environments.

During this meeting, schedules to take place on November 17th and 18th, at the University of Antioquia, in Medellín, Colombia, International Health Professors from the Cuban Public Health School, and PAHO / WHO will also participate, through a virtual platform.

Promoted by PAHO, the IHLP is a Joint effort of a group of countries interested in the development of the Regional Health Agenda 2008-2017, aimed to strengthen human resources’ capabilities to understand, act and influence positively on International Elath issues, to promotes it’s interests and negotiate intersectorial, International actions.

Participants at the Medellín Meeting, guided by one principal: greater global health equality will propose a pedagogical solution to move forward in three different ways: the adoption of new Technologies, virtual learning options that can favor technical cooperation processes in health and International relations areas; increased participation of PAHO’s Country Offices as learning environments, from which the Program may profit, and the fact that the Organization’s professionals related to International health will strengthen their technical capabilities.

Counting with the countries health authorities PAHO / WHO Representatives, and prestigious regional academic centers (academies) backing and commitment are key factors for the Program’s participants successful learning.

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