Gender and health: awareness, analysis, and action

Course purpose
This "Self-learning Virtual course on Gender and health: awareness, analysis, and action" seeks to provide participants with the knowledge and basic skills for gender mainstreaming in health. The course outlines how gender operates as a determinant of health and guides participants through the basic steps of applying gender-sensitive planning to their work, as well as introducing some basic techniques on integrating a gender perspective in public health practice.

General objectives

  1. Increase knowledge and awareness of how health outcomes are influenced by sex, gender norms, roles and relations, and other determinants of health.
  2. Start to develop a set of analytical skills on how to conduct a gender analysis and how such skills might be applied in a public health context.
  3. Understand how the health sector can use gender analysis tools to effectively reduce health inequities.

This is an online course available on the Moodle e-learning platform run by the PAHO/WHO’s Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH).
It is a self-learning course which participants can take autonomously at their own pace.
The course includes:

  • An introductory module
  • Three modules addressing the main themes of gender mainstreaming in health and in public health practice
  • All modules consist of audio presentations with supporting materials (such as examples of experiences of countries) and interactive quizzes so that what is learned during the course can be put into practice.

Duration and workload
This is a self-learning course with an estimated total duration of 6 hours. Participants can work at their own pace.

At the end of each module, participants must respond to a series of review questions to be able to progress to the next module.
Once all three modules and their respective review quizzes have been completed, the Final Exam covering all course materials can be taken. Participants must answer 70% of the questions correctly to pass this Final Exam.

Participants who pass the Final Exam and complete the VCPH Quality Survey can download the certificate of completion issued by the Pan American Health Organization.

Last update: 03/Apr/2024