Regulatory System Strengthening for Pharmaceuticals in Small States. An Introduction (2022) - Closed Enrollment

This course has ended. It was offered from November 2022 to April 2023. Here you can access the different knowledge resources (bibliography, readings, videos, guides, etc.), used during the course.

The communication spaces, exchange forums, and some activities/materials have been hidden because they were for the exclusive use of the course participants.

No certificates will be issued for visiting these materials.

These are materials developed for teaching purposes in the context of the VCPH.

Please note that some materials may not be updated or there might be more recent versions, and the ones that are included here are only an archive of Campus resources.

Course purpose
The purpose of this course is to contribute to the strengthening of pharmaceutical regulation in the Caribbean by providing a knowledge base on essential regulatory functions for small States.

Last update: 08/Jan/2024