Psychological First Aid (PFA) in disaster management in the Caribbean

This course has been updated, with a new version of the course. Please click here to enroll in the updated course (Psychological First Aid in disaster management in the Caribbean. Second Edition – 2020


Introduction to the course:
The Psychological First Aid (PFA) course is a ten-hour self-paced training. It aims to equip lay persons with the tools to appropriately provide the initial response to individuals experiencing psychological distress secondary to crisis situations.

To provide a framework for caretakers/ volunteers/ first responders to deliver psychological and social support for individuals in crisis situations.

The learning objectives of this course are:

  1. To define Psychological First Aid (PFA).
  2. Describe factors to consider in providing PFA.
  3. Discuss the process of providing PFA.
  4. List actions PFA providers take to care for self and colleagues.
  5. Identification of individuals with special needs
  6. Application of PFA to various crisis scenarios.

Appropiate Audience:
Psychological First Aid is written for all persons including volunteers and lay persons in the community who may be in a position to support the psychological and social well-being of individuals post a crisis e.g. relief agency volunteers, teachers, religious leaders, etc.

Course duration:
10 hours

Course Structure:
Module 1 - Understanding PFA (1 hour)
Module 2 - How to Help Responsibly (1 hour)
Module 3 - Providing PFA (3 hours)
Module 4 - People who likely need special attention (2 hours)
Module 5 - Caring for Self and Colleagues (1.5 hours)
Module 6 - Practicing PFA Skills (1 hour)


Last update: 18/May/2023