Introduction to the renewed Essential Public Health Functions (EPHF)


The main purpose of this online course is to introduce this new conceptual framework of the EPHF, providing the key concepts of its evaluation methodology and strengthening the stewardship of health authorities. The goal is to motivate participants to identify their personal contribution and become agents of change to move towards universal health.

Thus, based on this new conceptual framework, the self-study course is structured in 2 modules composed of multimedia lessons, exercises and essential bibliography available in
the virtual classroom. The approximate duration of the course is 10 hours. The self-study modality will allow participants to adapt their study time and reflect on the application of what they have learned to the reality of their country.

To pass the course, participants must obtain a minimum score of 70% on the final evaluation questionnaire available after completing all the lessons of the course. After
passing the final evaluation and completing the satisfaction survey on the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH), they will be able to download the course certificate and will also
have access to the course videos for later review and use outside the virtual classroom.
The first section of the course, called "Start Here", contains all the guidance necessary to successfully complete the course. We recommend that participants read the resources in this section carefully.



At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of the eleven EPHFs and the policy cycle to which they belong.
  • Distinguish the stages of the EPHF evaluation process, the actors involved in it and its methodology.

The specific learning objectives of each module are::

Start here (30 min)

  •  Identify the steps to follow to navigate through the platform and complete the course.

Module 1: What are the renewed EPHF?

    • Examine the background and evolution of the EPHF as a strategy for strengthening public health systems.
    • Recognize the definition of the renewed EPHF and the objectives they pursue.
    • Distinguish the four pillars and the policy cycle of the renewed EPHF.
    • Recognize the political and methodological strengths of the renewed EPHF..
    • Identify the characteristics of the eleven EPHFs and the policy cycle to which they belong.

Module 2: Introduction to the methodology for evaluating and strengthening the EPHFs

    • Identify the main characteristics of each of the phases of the EPHF measurement process, gap analysis and action plan.

Final exam

    • Exam of 20 randomized questions.



The course Introduction to the renewed Essential Public Health Functions (EPHF): Fundamentals, conceptual framework and assessment methodology is aimed at:

  • Health team personnel (physicians, nurses and other health agents).
  • Teachers and students of health, social and related sciences.
  • Community leaders and representatives of non-governmental organizations.
  • Other actors committed to Public Health.



To complete the course, about 10 hours of work are required, including the completion of the final evaluation questionnaire.


The course is self-study, which means that it does not have tutors or an established end date and, as such, participants will be able to access the contents and complete the course at their own pace.

In its design, multimedia learning resources have been combined with formative assessments and optional forums, which seek to generate an instance of analysis and reflection on the content, applying it to the local reality of the participants.



Once you have completed the course, you will be able to take the final evaluation quiz to assess the knowledge you have acquired. This will consist of 20 randomized questions and you will need to achieve the required score of 70% or more correct answers to pass. To do so, you will have unlimited opportunities to take the quiz.

Participants who meet the course pass requirements - completing all five modules and passing the final evaluation quiz - and complete the VCPH quality survey will be able to download their certificate of completion, issued by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and download the course videos for use outside the virtual classroom.

Last update: 13/Mar/2024