Healthcare Technology Planning & Management (2019)


This course provides students with a basic understanding of the principles of healthcare technology planning and management – policies, assessment, budgeting, acquisition, deployment, education/training, patient safety, maintenance, and replacement/disposal. Additional topics include the convergence of healthcare technologies – medical devices, information systems and telecommunications; clinical engineering department setup/ management, and related professional activities.

Purpose of the Course

To train professionals in developing and strengthening the management of health technology and medical engineering, in order to improve the quality of decisions and the quality of services provided by health organizations, achieving a greater level of clinical effectiveness, efficiency in the use of technological resources, cost control and reduction of technological risks for staff and patients on the health system.

General Objectives

Throughout the course, it is expected that participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of criteria regarding assessment, management, administration and regulation of healthcare technology, to improve the clinical effectiveness, efficiency and safety of technology use of the, considering the importance and impact of technology on patient care.
  • Learn how to develop projects with a technological component within a hospital environment; to discuss improvements and solutions to specific biomedical technology issues.
  • To promote better management of information regarding identification of biomedical and hospital technology planning, procurement and operation requirements.
  • Engage with other healthcare technology management professionals in order to share the best practices and discuss solutions for common issues
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