Virtual Course on Epidemiological Methods (Open Educational Resource)

This course has ended.


The purpose of this module is to enable learners to synthesize and apply the information learned in the previous two
modules, EPIDEM-1 and EPIDEM-2.

Objectives and Competencies
The objectives of the Epidemiological Methods module are to enable the learner to:

  • Describe the primary objectives of epidemiologic studies.
  • Identify a variety of designs in epidemiological studies.
  • Identify and describe sources of error in study designs.
  • Describe the role and dimensions of the three primary variables of person, place and time in descriptive epidemiology.
  • Outline the steps in an outbreak investigation.
  • Provide examples of important epidemiological concepts in your own work, and interpret them in hypothetical contexts.
Last update: 07/May/2024