[Curso cerrado] Nutrition, Food Safety and Health in Emergencies in the Caribbean

The Harmonised Training Package in Nutrition in Emergencies is a resource that was developed by the Global Nutrition Cluster to provide with the latest technical information of Nutrition in Emergencies. This package was customized to the epidemiologic profile and needs of the Caribbean region by the World Bank, the Pan American Health Organization and the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP), to provide countries and regional institutions with a training tool for the nutrition and emergencies personnel in the region.

This introductory self-training web based course in Nutrition in Emergencies has 10 units:

  • Unit 1 Humanitarian system roles, responsibilities and coordination in the Caribbean
  • Unit 2 Understanding malnutrition
  • Unit 3 Food security and health assessment in emergency situations
  • Unit 4 Addressing food safety in emergencies in the Caribbean
  • Unit 5 Infant and Young Child Feeding in emergencies
  • Unit 6 Prevention and treatment of micronutrient deficiencies in emergency situations
  • Unit 7 General Food Distribution in emergency situations in the Caribbean
  • Unit 8 Health interventions that impact nutritional status during emergencies
  • Unit 9 Food security and interventions to protect livelihoods in emergency situations in the Caribbean
  • Unit 10 Monitoring, evaluation, humanitarian standards and accountability

Each unit includes the following:

  • Video with a brief introduction and relevance of the topic
  • Presentation with the basic elements of the unit
  • Document with a detailed description of the topic
  • List of references and additional resources
Last update: 16/Feb/2023