From 17 to February 19 was held in Costa Rica, the workshop for assessment of educational Virtual Leadership Course in Human Resources in Health.

The course allows more information and the basis for reflection, generating new knowledge and intervention mechanisms to facilitate the transformation of problems.

Through access to multiple "managers" and academic institutions in their own area of work.

The program is designed based on the generation of networks to exchange experiences and promote discussion on topics of human resources.

This strategy is one of the mainstays for the development of the Regional Human Resources Goals set by the 2007-2015 Area Health Systems and Services of PAHO.

In its second version developed in 2008, ended 60 students from different countries. Among the comments are to be drawn to the importance of the subject countries, the depth of the educational proposal, the exchange of experience, the productivity of the proposed intervention of the practice and meaning of networking through the VCPH's virtual platform.

The workshop was developed with some of the course tutors and students where they agreed a set of guidelines to consider and enhance, as well as to incorporate new issues as part of the educational proposal.

The strengthening of mechanisms for communication and exchange for virtual mentoring was a key issue and the group of mentors could discuss issues of importance to the strengthening of the course.

In May of 2009 is scheduled to start the Third Course Virtual Leadership in Human Resources in Health.