December 4, 2018

PAHO and Ministers of Health from the Americas identified a series of actions that seek to improve the health of migrants in the Region
Ministers of health from the Americas and the Secretariat of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) identified a series of actions that seek to improve the response of health systems to the mass migration that is occurring in the Region. Read more

The Strategic Fund supports the MERCOSUR countries and Associate States in the procurement of immunosuppressant medicines at reduced prices
The ministers of health of MERCOSUR, and Associate States, agreed on the procurement of an immunosuppressant medicine at reduced prices, by up to 80%, with the support of the PAHO Strategic Fund. The medicine seeks to reduce the rejection of organs in transplant patients. Read more

Countries in the Americas commit to continuing to collaborate in strengthening regulatory systems to ensure safe, effective and quality medicines
While progress in the Region of the Americas has been made over the past 20 years to harmonize national regulatory systems in order to ensure access to safe, effective and quality medicines, more must be done for well-functioning health systems that want to achieve Universal Health. Read more

PAHO at the Pan American Nursing Research Symposium
From 5-9 November, 2018, delegates from more than 20 countries of the Region participated at the XVI Pan American Nursing Research Colloquium, in La Havana, Cuba, with the theme “Contribution of Nursing in Primary Health Care for Universal Health." Read more

Countries launch the Regional Initiative for Information Exchange on prices, coverage and economic regulation of health technologies
The initiative is made up of 15 institutions from nine countries of the Americas, including ministries of health, regulatory authorities, social insurance entities and other public entities with responsibilities related to the issues of price regulation, price negotiation, market monitoring, public purchases and health technology coverage decisions. Read more

X Meeting of the Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas
More than 190 experts and health authorities of the Americas met at the X Meeting of the Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas (RedETSA), on 7-8 November, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read more

Call for Applications: 2019 International Health Leaders Program
Professionals with managerial or executive experience in public health, international relations or related areas are invited to apply to participate in the 2019 Edmundo Granda Ugalde Leaders in International Health Program (LIHP) of the Pan American Health Organization.The application deadline is 15 February 2019. 
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