July 31, 2018

The Regional Base of Health Technology Assessment Reports in Americas reaches 1,000 reports
The Regional Base of Health Technology Assessment Reports in the Americas (BRISA) reached 1,000 reports produced by member organizations of the Regional Network of Health Technology Assessments for the Americas (RedETSA). Read more

Interprogrammatic teams from priority countries learn about the Assessment of Essential Conditions tool for health services
PAHO held a workshop to train interprogrammatic teams from 14 countries in the Americas in the use of the Assessment of Essential Conditions tool for maternal health services, and the methodology for developing local intervention plans. Read more

Call for Application: Free course on pesticides
The Virtual Campus announces a new free course on "Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of poisonings caused by pesticides". It is a tutoring course, in Spanish, and vacancies are limited. The deadline to apply is August 2, 2018. Read more

Argentina advances towards a comprehensive medicines policy with PAHO´s support
Representatives from PAHO met with the Ministry of Health from Argentina to advance together in a comprehensive policy on access to medicines, and in the development of criteria for medical technology coverage in the country, one of the main issues for the administration. Read more

Free self-learning course to increase health research impact is available
PAHO in collaboration with the Equator Network, launched a new self-learning course to help increase the value of research. The course is designed to reduce waste research by providing current research reporting standards to people who plan to conduct, report, edit, publish or appraise research. Read more

First Meeting of Managers of Social Security of CISSCAD 
PAHO participated at the First Meeting of Social Security Managers held in San Jose, Costa Rica, with authorities of Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama, and presented proposals to eliminate barriers that prevent access and health coverage to the social security in those countries. Read more