February 28, 2019

Universal Health High-Level Commission advances in preparing its final report
The High-Level Commission "Universal Health in the 21st century: 40 years of Alma-Ata" met in Mexico to advance with the preparation of the Commission's High-Level final report including recommendations for the Director of PAHO/WHO to guide the way forward to achieve universal access to health and universal health coverage for all by 2030. Read more [only in Spanish]

Prime Minister of Belize holds official meeting with PAHO Director
During the meeting, a variety of priority health issues for the country, as well as PAHO’s technical cooperation were discussed. The importance of achieving universal health without leaving anyone behind, as stated by the 2030 United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted in 2015 by countries of the world, including Belize, was also discussed. Read more

Mexico advances in the process to join PAHO Revolving Fund and PAHO Strategic Fund  
Senior management teams from PAHO Strategic Fund and PAHO Revolving Fund met with Mexican national health authorities to advance in the process of Mexico's decision to join the Funds. Read more [only in Spanish]

Belize launches plan to expand its health workforce, improve its geographical distribution and skills
A new plan to increase health workers and improve their efficiency and distribution in order to respond to the health needs of the population, was launched by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with PAHO and other partners. The plan establishes a roadmap to ensure that health workers have the right profile and competencies and they are available where and when they are needed. Read more

Colombia's General Directorate of Military Health, the Central Military Hospital and the Colombian National Police join the PAHO Strategic Fund
Given the favorable benefits that the agreement between the Strategic Fund and the Colombia's Ministry of Health has brought to the country, and aiming to improve access to medicines and other health supplies, the three state entities have recently signed adhesions to the Strategic Fund. Read more [only in Spanish]

The Department of Health Systems and Services works with 46 PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centres in the Americas 
Forty-six institutions from nine countries of the Americas collaborate with programs of the Department of Health Systems and Services, on areas such as nursing, health technologies, medicines, primary health care, bioethics, health science education, among others. There are 190 active PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centres in 16 countries in the Americas. Read more