3 September, 2021

PAHO launches new collaborative platform to produce COVID-19 vaccines in Latin America and the Caribbean

The platform will support collaboration across countries and cooperation agencies, applying existing regional biomanufacturing capacity to production of COVID-19 vaccines as well as  other medical technologies. The principle is that manufacture should benefit the entire region, with regional pharmaceutical production and distribution of the vaccines by PAHO’s Revolving Fund to all countries.
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Call for expression of interest to contribute to the value chain and supply of reagents for the sustainable manufacturing of a COVID-19 and other mRNA vaccines in the Americas

WHO and PAHO are working together to establish mRNA vaccine manufacturing capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean. To ensure sustainability and independence of vaccine production in the Region, access to reagents that are critical to the value chain is fundamental.
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PAHO Director reports on overwhelmed medical facilities in Haiti and calls for international support to meet “immense” need

PAHO Director reported that health facilities in three departments in post-earthquake Haiti are overwhelmed and called on the international community to meet the country’s “immense” need for medical personnel, supplies, equipment, and patient transportation.
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The Americas strengthen safety surveillance of COVID-19 vaccines  

Sustained technical collaboration between PAHO and regulatory stakeholders has built a foundation for pharmacovigilance of pandemic supplies in the Americas that is supporting the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.
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WHO and PAHO hold regional consultation workshops for the roll-out of the WHO policy on integrated antimicrobial stewardship activities in human health

PAHO facilitated two workshops called by the World Health Organization to present and discuss the WHO policy guidance on integrated antimicrobial stewardship activities.
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