3 May, 2021

New online courses to strengthen hospital disaster resilience

PAHO launched three open-access virtual courses that offer educational resources to strengthen hospital  disaster resilience in the Region. The courses, offered in PAHO Virtual Campus for Public Health, are self-learning, people can take them at their own pace. 
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PAHO report: COVID-19 highlights need for strengthening national regulatory authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the urgent need for strengthening national regulatory authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure the safety and effectiveness of new medicines and medical products, a new report by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) asserts.
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PAHO calls for evidence and analysis review of the barriers to access to health in health policies design

PAHO launched a series of webinars on the Essential Public Health Functions that seek to address countries’ experiences on practical solutions, critical bottlenecks, and lessons learned to strengthen public health functions.
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PAHO warns against getting COVID-19 vaccines outside of official channels

PAHO urges people to get vaccinated against

COVID-19 only through national immunization programs and officially authorized mechanisms and warns that doing so outside these channels can be dangerous to their health.
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Third Fair Pricing Forum of medicines and health products organized by WHO and the Ministry of Health of Argentina

During the opening, PAHO Director, Carissa Etienne, highlighted the role of WHO Member States in fostering these debates that bring together various sectors to ensure that medicines and health technologies are increasingly more accessible to those who need them, an aspect that became more relevant globally with the emergence of COVID-19 and that will undoubtedly be a challenge beyond the pandemic. [Available in Spanish] 
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PAHO's collaborative initiatives to bring more affordable pricing of vaccines and medicines

“PAHO has established the Revolving Funds mechanisms to improve access to vaccines and strategic public health supplies throughout the Americas,” said James Fitzgerald, Director of PAHO Health Systems and Services, at the session on Cross-border collaborative initiatives to enable affordable pricing of vaccines and medicines in the 2021 Fair Pricing Forum.
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Experts from the Americas discuss on opportunities to access quality medicines at competitive prices to improve hypertension control in primary health care 

PAHO organized the webinar “Standardized Hypertension Treatment Algorithms and PAHO Strategic Fund for Universal Health - Opportunities to access quality medicines at competitive prices” where experts discussed how on opportunities to access quality medicines at competitive prices.
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Health practitioners from Haiti participated in a virtual course on Hospital preparedness for crisis planning

Forty-two health practitioners from ten hospitals in Haiti participated in a ten-week virtual training course to strengthen the hospitals’ capacity to deal with crisis situations in the country. The initiative was organized by PAHO and the Galilee International Management Institute to build local capacities to plan, implement and monitor health crisis situations. 
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