Tobbaco course

On September 15 was made available to users of the VCPH classroom the virtual course "Tobacco and Public Health: from theory to practice." This course is freely available and has been created both in Spanish and English.

The course consists of four modules: Introductory, Protection, Prevention and Cessation. The grouping is purely didactic, because most of the topics are related and complemented by the modules.

The general objectives of the course are:

  1. Describe and analyze the problem of global and regional consumption of tobacco and exposure to tobacco smoke;
  2. Disseminate tobacco control measures contained in the WHO Framework Convention for the Control of tobacco;
  3. Analyze the factors that influence the initiation and maintenance of tobacco consumption among youth;
  4. Describe the strategies for cessation of tobacco consumption, both individual and population;
  5. Describe the strategies of opposition from the tobacco industry and provide analysis tools and answers to them;
  6. Submit the most successful interventions and their implementation in the Region of the Americas;
  7. Incorporate knowledge about challenges and trends in the integrated control of the consumption of tobacco.